Introduction of ME-LIFT-ARM Serial microprocessor Control System for Elevator

  Introduction of ME-LIFT-ARM Serial microprocessor Control System for Elevator:
  ※ Appearance of main control device 

Main control device ME-LIFT-ARM

※ application index:
★ ME-LIFT-ARM satisfying the latest elevator standards:GB7588-2003。
★ The system is capable of group controlling for 2 to 8 elevators without group controlling board。
★ Actual the highest floor of the elevator can reach 64F。
★ The maximum running speed can reach 4.0m/s。
★ Adapt different inverter(YASKAWA、FUJI、SIEI、KEB etc。)
★ Adapt different elevator(hydraulic elevator、passenger elevator etc.)。
★ Adapt different door machine(DC door machine、AC door machine、synchronous door machine)。
★ Adapt the geared traction machine and gearless traction machine。
※ characterization of function:
★ Freescale Industrial class CPU。32-bit microcomtroller unit。
★ CAN BUS communication is used to each module(Main control device、 Car control device、 Hall call device、voice announcement system etc.)。
★ Adjustment of leveling accuracy。If discrepancy of leveling within 100 mm occurs at certain floor, it can be remedied by setting leveling compensation through the menu, to ensure a precise leveling。
★ Record failure history。The system can record 100 failures code that occurred recently, including time and failure code。
★ Suitable for double door system。Satisfy the demand for double door elevator control, meeting the requirements of elevator door system in Hong Kong。
★ Display at each floor can be set freely。Display of floors can be set at will through menu.
★ support analogue outputs: voltage signal (0-10V) or current signal (4-20mA)。

  ※ ME-LIFT-ARM 32 bit Structure of the elevator control system
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