LD-IS Lift Load Detechtor User Manual


  LD-IS lift load detector is designed for detecting the load of the lift, It can put out switch signal and analog signal to lift control system and inverter to avoid danger to the equipment and operator.


  This system is composed of a control device and two weighting sensors mounted over the top of the car
It can put out full load and over load switch signals ,it can also put out analog Voltage output(0~10V)and analog current output(4~20mA).

  Sensor Position Map :(two sensors)

B、Character of LD-IS

  1. It is easy to fix and adjust.
  2. Microprocessor intellectual control,can display the actual load .
  3. You can set parameter and study load by menu operation.
  4. Load learning function.
  5. output lock when running.(by give the terminal a signal)
  6. set output delay time to avoid impact to the out put when start and stop.
  7. can set the gap to improve the stability of the divice.

C、Parameter of LD-IS

  POWER:AC220V ±15%
  OUTPUT OF RELAY (fullload and overload) : DC 60V 5A
  LD-IS control device outline:166X110X62 (unit: mm)


  1、 2:NC (NOT USED)
  3:OUT1: full load output。Relay output.
  4:COM1: common terminal of OUT1。
  5:OUT2: over load output Relay output.
  6:COM2: common terminal of OUT2。
  7:Weighting Sensor1 output signal A1 — To green wire of sensor1
  8:GND of Power to the sensor1(0V) — To black wire of sensor1
  9:weighting Sensor1 output signal B1 - To white wire of sensor1
  10: Power(+12V ) to the sensor1 - To red wire of sensor1

  11~14:NC, not used

  15:Weighting Sensor2 output signal A2 — To green wire of sensor2
  16:GND of Power to the sensor2(0V) — To black wire of sensor2
  17:weighting Sensor2 output signal B2 - To white wire of sensor2
  18: Power(+12V ) to the sensor2 - To red wire of sensor2

  19: common terminal of terminal 20 , 21 ,22 。
  20:not used
  21:not used
  22:input port of the function locking the output .
  if this terminal is on,the output of this control box is stable, not changed with the load.
  23: 4-20m Analog output IOUT-.
  24: 0-10V Analog output VOUT- .
  25: 4-20mA Analog output IOUT+
  26: 0-10V Analog output VOUT+ .

  P1: PLUG1 has the same function as terminal 7、8、9、10
  P2: PLUG2 has the same function as terminal 15、16、17、18

  Wire color of the plug:white 1, red 2, green 3, black 4
  photo of the plug:

E. LD-IS MENU operation

  The LD-IS Operation menu has 11 sub menus:
  They are :
  1、empty load studying;
  2、full load studying;
  3、set sensor number (usually set as “2”)
  4、set the rated load(for example: 1000KG or 2000KG …);
  5、set gap (for example: 100KG, 200KG..);
  6、set the over load-(for example: 1150KG 2300KG…);
  7、set delay time- (ususlly set as about 5 seconds)
  8、set the full load-(for example: 950KG);
  9、set the output(nc or no of the relay) of full load;
  a、set the output(nc or no of the relay) of over load.
  b、set the output(nc or no of the relay) of light load;(not use)


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